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Welcome to EpiLog

EpiLog (Epithelium Logical modelling) supports the definition, simulation and visualisation of qualitative models for epithelial pattern formation.

It relies on a modelling framework where simple (one layer) epithelia are defined as multicellular systems involving intracellular regulatory models, cell-to-cell communication, as well as other environmental cues.
These "epithelial models" are defined as cellular automata, where the behaviour of each cell is governed by its (logical) regulatory model, subject to input signals from neighbouring cells.
Neighbouring relations are defined through appropriate functions, which qualitatively describe signalling ranges and integration.

EpiLog makes use of the tools bioLQM and GINsim (see Companion tools).

EpiLog is OS independent (Linux, Mac OS 10.7+, Windows).

Feel free to grab it at the downloads section and please contact us with your comments or suggestions.

by Dr. Radut